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Your lies, they can't hold water
16 January 2013 @ 06:04 pm
This is just my way to keep track of the things I discovered and love this year. I really hope - like any other years - I would actually finish this instead of bailing out halfway because I want to see how much I change in a year. Enjoy!
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Your lies, they can't hold water

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Intrigued? Allow me to present you this gem right here. You're welcome.
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Your lies, they can't hold water
03 February 2012 @ 04:59 pm


I write lots of useless tl;dr rants about Arsenal + Inter Milan + football in general and some personal posts once in a while. If you want to add you as a friend (but lbr at this rate no one would add me since my activities on LJ is -429038490), drop a comment and I'll gladly add you!
Your lies, they can't hold water
08 December 2011 @ 01:11 pm
Arsenal (2nd choice team) lose to Olympiakos 3-1

Vito Mannone's blunder

André Santos injured, out for 3 weeks. Arsenal fit fullbacks = 0.

Dortmund lost to Marseille after 2-0 up, out of Europe

Inter lose 2-1 at home against CSKA Moscow

When I remember that Inter already went through and group winner

Lille got goalless draw at home vs Trabzonspor, out of Europe

This is me this morning

...but the consolation prize for all this shit is: Both Manchester clubs relegated to Europa League!!!!!!!!!!!

Just imagine the guy who pushed the guy: everyone else, the guy who got pushed: United & City, that hole + stairs down: Europa League and everything in this world will once again make perfect sense. My words are good, ok.

Here's an image if ~verification~ is needed. You're welcome. Now I feel much better, haha.
Your lies, they can't hold water
09 October 2011 @ 10:46 am

Hola! I haven't write anything in a long while (I don't have that much time these days tbqh), so here I'll leave you a video about Villa. At first it didn't make so much sense (especially to someone with crappy Spanish like me), but a YouTube user kindly leave the gist of the video:
They are talking about how David Villa not only is he a good goalscorer and soccer player, he is also a gentleman both on and off the pitch [for] complimenting the players on the team and how thankful he is for them. They mention how since he played for Valencia and Sporting Gijon, how he doesn't celebrate the goals he's scored on them because they're his ex team and teammates. He almost celebrated a goal on the bench when they [Barcelona] scored against Valencia but he went back to sit down. Then they mention how during press confrences how he waits until the conference is over, how quietly he waits and then leaves and how he quietly gets his car keys but at 2:17 he jangled the keys unintentionally and gave a little look because he was loud.
You know I love this guy and you know this is just one of my ~fail attempts~ to bring up nice things about him...
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